I grew up on a farm on the south west coast of WA. It was an amazing childhood surrounded by all things farm and coast mixed together so this unique upbringing brings a different style to my photography.
I first started taking photos at a young age with my brother's digital camera, running around the farm taking shots of everything and anything, although sunrises and sunsets were my favourite.
I always dreamed of what our property looked like from the sky, to see how close we were to the ocean and what planes and birds got to see that we didn’t.
When I first discovered drones I was hooked, it gave me every view I wanted and so much more. Not only did it open up my view of landscapes but now I was given access to wildlife that I never dreamed possible. I have witnessed dolphin pods fishing, whales lazing in bays and incredibly sharks on the hunt.
My farm and coast loves are an uncommon mix that sums up my life and the things I’m most passionate about. I love to travel and am hooked on adventure and breathtaking places and I am always looking for the next exciting place to shoot.


Let's work together

"We had Kira come out to our property and take some family photos which included our pets. She made us feel so comfortable (including my camera shy husband) and even included our fur babies in the pictures. They are just fantastic."

Jane Patrizi